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The use of timber in the construction of buildings, floors and doorways has been around for centuries. Known for its thermal insulation and elasticity, timber suppliers have been using wood to help in the creation of elegant homes that exude class. And when it comes to the leaders in timber supplies in Sydney, there is none that rival Abbey Timber.

At Abbey Timber, we are a family-owned wood supplier that is known for the quality of our timber supplies and our superb customer service. Our range of timber supplies are categorised according to their grades, colour, utility and finishes.

Wide Timber Selection

One can choose from our wide selection of timber supplies in Sydney, which come in different species that complement your home’s decor and adds warmth to it. There are many advantages to choosing us as your timber supplier for your home or business:

    • Quality of Timber Supplies: The timber supplies that we provide are easy to maintain, corrosion resistant and also known for their unique properties of insulation.
    • Impeccable Finishes and Colours: As one of the most innovative and popular timber suppliers in Sydney, we provide our customers with a range of finishes. From traditional finishes to modern and contemporary looks, our range of timber supplies enhances the value of any property. We can also add a touch of colour to our timber supplies, according to our customer’s specifications.
    • Expert Consultation and Workmanship: As one the top rated wood suppliers in Sydney, once you have selected your favourite type of timber, we will provide you with a reputable subcontractor who will then help you transform the chosen timber supplies into stunning floors or walls.

Contact Abbey Timber Today

With Abbey Timber, you can rest assured that we will turn your home into one that you can be proud of. With a fast delivery service and affordable rates, we are your ideal choice for a timber supplier in Sydney.