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Varieties of Hardwood

Abbey Timber carry’s an extensive range of different hardwood products suited for each individual project.


– Kiln dry Merbau available in the following sections –

Solid merbau- 70×19, 90×19, 140×19, 70×44, 90×44, 140×44, 190×44, 240×44, 290×44, 90×90

Laminated – 70×44, 90×44, 140×44, 190×44, 240×44, 290×44, 90×90, 115×115, 135×135, 185×185

Merbau is a popular timber used for many different projects including furniture, decking, framing, pergolas and many more… Its grain and growth ring figure together with its dark red-brown colour gives it a very attractive appearance which is suitable for high class finish.

Merbau does tend to bleed/leach more than most other timbers. This can continue for up to 12 months or more. Avoid using merbau when it’s near Concrete/ stone and other masonry type structures as it will leave dark stains that can be difficult to remove. Always allow merbau to leach naturally and avoid applying any sealers/oils to it when used externally for at least 2-3 months to let the Tannins come out of the timber. You’ll then need to clean the merbau with a deck clean or NapiSan and hot water to remove the black stains and dirt from the timber before applying a finish.


Structural Kiln Dry Hardwood

Abbey Timber carry’s a large range of kiln dried Structural hardwoods usually in Blackbutt and Yellow stringybark. Structural hardwood in F17 and F27 is suitable for all external applications where you are after a natural timber look or require larger spans not available in softwood timbers.

We stock the following-

70×35, 90×35, 140×35, 190×35, 240×35, 70×45, 90×45, 140×45, 190×45, 240×45


Structural F17 unseasoned Tallowwood

Abbey Timber has a great range of Tallowwood in stock suitable for all external applications where you are after a natural timber finish or require a durable hardwood.

Tallowwood is a large hardwood found along the coast and coastal ranges between the Hunter River in New South Wales up to the Maryborough district of Queensland. The heartwood is a greyish-yellow colour with tinges of olive green and is a hard, fairly close-grained timber. The sapwood is distinctly paler.

The timber is free of gum vein, giving it a cleaner appearance and with a 4% shrinkage rate Tallowwood is a very stable hardwood.

The heartwood is very durable (Class 1). The material works well and has been widely used in a variety of applications including decking, flooring, domestic structures, heavy commercial construction, sleepers, marine structures, poles, piles and bridges.


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