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Before & After Deck Care

Ask yourself if you want a “deck” or if you want an stunning entertaining area that looks great, adds value to your property and is large enough to be practical and functunal.  It’s the little things added while building and designing your deck that turn it into an “ENTERTAINING” area.

Look at things like:

    1. Running the decking boards down the sides to screen off under the decking
    1. Boarders around the perimeter of the deck
    1. Adding a privacy screen to the deck, or Screening behind a built in BBQ area.
    1. If the deck is close to ground you can run a step around the deck.
    1. Using the same decking timber as your deck, add a bench seat with storage underneath.
    1. Build a complete outdoor setting to match your deck.
    1. LED lighting or small down lights to highlight areas of the deck.

There are many different Species, sizes and grades of timber you can choose from, look at timbers that don’t leech/bleed if the deck is near concrete or any masonaory areas.  The width of the boards makes a difference to the final look, if you have a long deck that is not very wide choose a narrow board like 65-70mm wide and run it long ways as this helps make the deck look wider that it is. Larger decks that are square or rectangle look good with 90mm boards. When choosing wider boards like 135-140mm wide BE AWARE that they are more prone to surface checking, cupping and tend to expand and contract alittle more.Avoid using wider boards when the deck is less than 1.0m from the ground, generally the boards will have more chance of cupping,  caused from cold moist air underneath the boards and heat on top.

Most of the Finishing company’s recommend letting the deck stay exposed to the weather for 6-8 weeks to let the tanans come out of the timber and the pores of the timber to open up which allows the first coat to penetrate further into the timber. This is important  with the hard/dense hardwoods like Ironbark,Spotted Gum, Northern Box etc.  Doing this can cause some species to dis-colour, split, cup, twist  and check, but the oil will last much longer.Softer timbers like   Cypress/ Western Red Cedar/Treated Pine can be sealed straight away. When the timber is ready to be sealed we recommend cleaning it with ‘Oxalic Acid” which we sell in a 500g tub, called Rust and Stain Remover. It removes Dirt, Grease & Mould from external surfaces and will help open the pores of the timber allowing the first coat of oil to penitrate further into the timber.It will also help bring the colour in older decks back to life.